In the glow of his gaze, we could distinguish between freedom and the path of peace because his eyes could not lie. EVI132 was born in a burst of ambition and passion filled with sincerity. It was created with the aim of bringing more revelation and harmony to everyone’s adventure.

EVI132’s philosophy is the meeting of two parallel worlds: art and fashion, which form a perfect harmony between luxury and elegance. The creative and artistic visuals of EVI132 are refined and relaxed, but also made of 100% organic cotton. Added to a burst of colour, the brand remains young, authentic and integrates easily into everyday life.

EVI132 leads to the discovery of a new and modern world, a path to unique recognition. When the inspiration of the day comes to an end, EVI132 brings you unique pieces to start new days of long reflection.

The brand’s fascinating and magical atmospheres influence minds and allow everyone to escape and never find themselves imprisoned again.